Latte Lantern
Fashion and backstage photographer
Everything has a back side, I capture the best.
You may know me as latte_lantern. I am live in the Netherlands and I am a fashion backstage fine-art photographer.

Over the last few years, my work has taken me to multiple events taken place in different venues. Modern art galleries, medieval castles, neoclassic interiers or beautiful gardens could be recognized on my photos. However, I take fine-art portrait photos.

Pretty ladies and handsome mens, wearing amazing dresses at gala, special occasions or even historical balls, can be captured at backstage. Many interesting things can be seen behind the scene.

While official event photographers work with models to get the results as planned I use a chance to work with the people who are not under pressure, taking break and can be themself. You may see on my photos models and makeup artists, hairdressers and fashion designers, even another photographers. People tell you a story. When you look at my photos you may not know, whether it has been taken under the spotlight or in a armchair that has been removed out of the stage to free some space for a catwalk.

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the Netherlands, EU
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